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The Application Process Explained

New Applicants must review the Registered Continuing Education Provider Manual before completing the Registered Continuing Education Provider Application.

Step 1 Submit the Registered Continuing Education Provider Application Form. (Please see the instructions for completing online application.)

Step 2 Submit supplemental materials, a signed Provider Agreement, and application fee to Registered Continuing Education Program.

Step 3 RCEP reviews the submitted online application and supplemental material. If deficiencies are found, RCEP will notify you and request additional material. The provider is required to correct the specified deficiencies and submit revised materials within 30 days.

Step 4 Upon completion of the review, RCEP will notify you of the decision. If approved, RCEP will enter your profile into the RCEP Continuing Education Management System and provide access information. At this time, the provider will also be invoiced for the balance of the provider fee. If you are denied approval, there is a waiting period of 3 months before reapplication.

The application process typically takes at least 30 days. The renewal deadline for a provider is set for 12 months from the month of acceptance into the program. A provider must renew annually by reviewing their organizational profile, making any necessary change, and submitting the newly signed Provider Agreement and the provider renewal fee.



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